Workflow query error in 1.5.1

I have a long running workflow . when i query this workflow (which is in running state)
i get the below error in web.

any idea what could be going wrong ?

seems that if a workflow is in timed sleep state, this occurs. if, after invoking Workflow.sleep().
looks like a bug

Currently query doesn’t support any calls to Workflow… APIs.

I filed an issue to add support for Workflow.getInfo calls from query methods.

The workaround is to call getInfo from the main workflow method and store it in a field. Then the query would return the field value.

Thanks @maxim, seems this is because of some logging enhancement i did to print to workflow id in all logs (using wofkflow.getinfo.getWorkflowId)

DId not realise that the logging change will have this side effect :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a need to pass workflowId explicitly. The workflowId is already part of the MDC.