Workflow still running after workflowTaskCompleted

Hey all, I’m having confusion where a workflow shows WorkflowTaskCompleted yet it is still running. It is intended to be a one-time terminating workflow after it completes its activity. ExecuteWorkflow has been called multiple times after however I do not see logs indicating that new workflows have been created since the first one.

Hello @Theresa_Chen

can you share the code or the event history? tctl workflow describe --workflow_id <workflowId> --run_id <runId>

could you run the following tctl command to see if there is any error? tctl workflow query --workflow_id <workflowId> --run_id <runid> --qt "__stack_trace"

Do you see any event related to activities like activityTaskCompleted or any other event different from WorkflowExecutionStarted or WorkflowTaskStarted/Scheduled/Completed ?

This could be related to the fact that you can not have more than one workflow execution running with the same workflowID (in the same namespace). Are you calling ExecuteWorkflow with the same workflowId? Are you using Go?