About history_node table

Dear Developers,
What does each row of data in the history_node table? Or when will insert a new data into it? Recently we found that the tps of mysql is very high, there are many history_node related operations.

Would check if you might have some busy loop inside your workflow code, see this post for more info.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, we use some loops, and what I’m trying to figure out is whether each call to activity in the workflow triggers the histry_node to add data, or whether other common operations do as well?

history_node table stores event history. As any workflow update generates events this table is constantly updated.

Thank you maxim, and I want to be more detailed so I can tell my team what code to avoid. What does ‘any workflow update’ mean exactly? Does it match the contents of this list? Events reference | Temporal Documentation

Yes, all these events are stored in the history_node table.