Check workflow execution history in database


I am using python and Nodejs SDKs for activities & workflow respectively and using PostgreSQL for database.

I want to check workflow execution history in database. Checked history_node & history_tree table in database but it includes encoded values. Have attached screenshot for the same.

Checked in PostgreSQL client application, getting garbage values or maybe it’s because of data encoding.

Can you please tell how I can get this data in readable format in table itself.

This is not supported as data is stored in the form of serialized protobufs. What are you trying to achieve?


Can we store following execution history in database (for e.g PostgreSQL).

I checked history_node & history_tree table but data in these tables is not in readable format.
I have added screenshots in previous comment.

I don’t understand the question. If you can see this history in the UI, then it is already stored in the database.

Yes, but where we can see that in the database? Any table where we can check this history?
I’m assuming it is stored in history_node & history_tree table. But data stored in these tables is not readable.

It is not possible without downloading payloads from the DB and deserializing them to the corresponding protobufs.

What is actual problem you are trying to solve? The content of these tables is accessible through UI and CLI in a nice format. You never need to look into the DB directly.

Okay Got it. Actually, I checked the database so asked.