Advanced Visibility Search Attributes Limit


There is currently a limit of 100 search attributes per cluster which may or may not be a problem in the future for our use pattern but wanted to sanity few thoughts on and if this limit can be lifted directly or via an alternative feature.

Thought - 1 - Introduce Tagging/Labelling concept

Elastic have a concept of a Flattened field type | Elasticsearch Guide [8.5] | Elastic which can introduce a thing like Tag/Label for the Workflow.

Flattened object fields present a trade-off in terms of search functionality. Only basic queries are allowed, with no support for numeric range queries or highlighting.

For majority of the cases a Workflow have to be associated with a group of similar Workflows via an attribute(s) and flattened type can be just good enough as the core requirement is to list all the workflows containing the certain Tag(s)/Label(s) value(s).

Thought - 2

Elastic itself considers the limit as 1000 Mapping limit settings | Elasticsearch Guide [8.5] | Elastic where Temporal has it as 100. 100 may be perfectly legitimate value or it may be a legacy carry-over as elastic went through a number of versions since this limit was introduced.

We can go away with the limitation by adding few attributes like attribute_1,2,3, etc. but like to make things a bit more user friendly.

Please let us know what you think and if any of those options can be explored?


There is currently a limit of 100 search attributes per cluster

Which server version are you using? Should be able to up the default 100 via dynamic config
frontend.searchAttributesNumberOfKeysLimit (can have namespace constraint)

Thanks @tihomir didn’t know about that option so assumed it was a hard limit after reading the doc. We are on 1.18.4 with Elastic 7 (planing to up it to 8)

Did you considered adding flattened types on any stage? It looks very much like kv tag structure.