Cannot achieve consistency level LOCAL_QUORUM

Hi team,

when I open temporal web for a workflow, it shows error 13 INTERNAL: ReadHistoryBranch. Close operation failed. Error: Cannot achieve consistency level LOCAL_QUORUM.

And I’m not able to terminate workflow, it shows following error:
Error: Terminate workflow failed.
Error Details: context deadline exceeded
(‘export TEMPORAL_CLI_SHOW_STACKS=1’ to see stack traces)

Can you please let me know how to fix it?

Can you plz check Cassandra is in a healthy state?
Error: Cannot achieve consistency level LOCAL_QUORUM this means local quorum cannot be achieved by Cassandra

it should be up and running now.
root@temporal-cassandra-0:/# nodetool status
Datacenter: datacenter1

|/ State=Normal/Leaving/Joining/Moving
– Address Load Tokens Owns (effective) Host ID Rack
UN 679.53 KiB 256 35.3% 3947ecd2-eafd-4ffe-b776-5a65a3c9443f rack1
UN 1.12 MiB 256 31.9% 6561bf8d-d85e-40c1-9240-51464a685fd4 rack1
UN 1.03 MiB 256 32.7% e2679a37-737a-413d-8e72-277e000b5a74 rack1

How can I clear up the faulty workflows?

try using the admin command if the workflow is corrupted by underlying DB

tctl admin workflow delete -h