Getting error on deleting workflows while using astraDB serverless with temporal

Hi im noticing that completed workflows are not getting deleted even after retention period is over
with the following error
“Fail to process task”,“shard-id”:178,“address”:“”,“component”:“visibility-queue-processor”,“shard-id”:178,“queue-task-id”:25165913,“queue-task-visibility-timestamp”

operation DeleteWorkflowExecution encountered Provided value ONE is not allowed for Write Consistency Level (disallowed values are: [ANY, ONE, LOCAL_ONE])"

As i understand temporal uses the value provided in the config file
driver: “cassandra”
disableInitialHostLookup: true
hosts: “host”
port: 29042
keyspace: temporal_visibility
user: “user”
existingSecret: “password”
replicationFactor: 3
consistency: “local_quorum”
serialConsistency: “local_serial”

So why is the delete operation ignoring this consistency level and using ONE as the value?
Note: i am using astraDB as my database provider, i understand that they do not support consistency ONE on writes but is this query expected?

I can see as per this code

	cfg config.Cassandra,
	r resolver.ServiceResolver,
	logger log.Logger,
) (*visibilityStore, error) {
	session, err := gocql.NewSession(cfg, r, logger)
	if err != nil {
		logger.Fatal("unable to initialize cassandra session", tag.Error(err))

	return &visibilityStore{
		session:      session,
		lowConslevel: gocql.One,
	}, nil


Thanks for sharing this. Asked server team to provide input and will get back to you asap.

Thanks for the ack! Awaiting response

plus one on this. We just started testing temporal on astra, and running into this issue.

Thanks for reporting this. It does seem like a bug that we use consistency One for delete.


@Yimin_Chen Need your support to close this as this feature blocks a lot of testing.

Fix is landed to master.

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Just to add for tracking - commit here.