CI/DI, Automation and Observation tools & aids. TechStack Help

Hi :wave:All.

Need your advice and shared experience to decide on the tech stack fits best and what architecture applies best to handle temporal CI/CD and other DevOps automation…

I found Keptn to be a good option.
" Save time through automated configuration of observability tools, creation of dashboards, and alerting based on Service-Level Objectives (SLOs)."
It uses Istio for mesh and exposes with an api-nginx-gateway. I would build everything on top of Terraform, manage security access with Vault…

I would really appreciate knowing about your preferred stacks and your experience with such solution architecture.

Any comment or suggestion will be really appreciated.



PD: using Istio on Kubernetes tutorial worth looking at

I thought it’d be nice to have some feedback from the community. Maybe someone sharing experience on automating Temporal.