Contributions to the temporal Grafana dashboards


I sent in a PR to GitHub - temporalio/dashboards: Temporal Dashboards a couple of days ago, my PR is just a minor typo fix (I’m not in a hurry basically) but I noticed that there’s some other PRs that haven’t been addressed yet either. I guess that there’s someone that will look through the PRs and issues eventually! Also, is there a plan to move towards a non pre-alpha stage (as stated in the README) anytime soon?


Thanks for the PR! Merged.
Will look at the other PRs as well.

I believe the idea is to provide a set of community dashboards that can be used along with local Docker/K8s deployments. These dashboards in the mentioned repo are there as a starting point that users can adopt and modify to create their own.

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Thanks for the quick response!! :+1:

The reason for me asking was that I saw that they’re deployed via the official Temporal helm chart. Given of course that Grafana is enabled (AFAICT) during deploy which might not always be the case!