Temporal Definitive Guide

A definitive guide + architectural diagram for Temporal will be key when we all finally start using it in production, both for developers and business POV - many adopters will have to make a business case covering running cost, operational consideration and complexities, security baseline etc.

Some points to cover;

  • Components Diagram (both internal and external eg db, Kafka etc)
  • Network flow
  • Data flow
  • Minimum system requirements
  • Recommended system requirements
  • Recommended deployment models >> docker, k8s (orchestration) | aws, gcp, azure (cloud)

I can see this being split into Developer Guide, Operations Guide.


Hey this is a great question. Documenting our architecture is something that would not only bring value to our users, but also to the team internally. Part of the problem is that a lot of the information is currently “siloed” within specific members of the team, so some extraction is needed to accomplish this. We are very dedicated to making it happen and there are already some passive efforts internally that are making progress (albeit slowly).

You also indirectly asked about some other documentation/guides which we also plan on providing, and probably a lot sooner. I want to provide the following guides in the relatively near future:

  • Operating and scaling best practices
  • Deploying best practices
  • Monitoring best practices
  • Activity and Workflow best practices

As for deployment models, we have a helm which we plan to continue improving. We also plan to add some CloudFormation/Terraform recipes for the most common providers down the road.

As for the other question you had about Kafka and V1. Kafka will still be a dependency in V1. We are 100% set on removing it but it is a substantial undertaking and will take some time.

I hope I answered the majority of your question, if I didn’t please let me know!



Happy to contribute/work on CloudFormation/Terraform recipes when a specification/requirement has been defined.


We would obviously be super appreciative of that. I might reach out to you in the near future and get input regarding your needs/perspective for those resources.

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Hello, any news on this topic? We are really interesting in running a production ready instance of Temporal, but we are a bit on the fence because of the lack of documentation about how to deploy it on our AWS infrastructure. We use terraform and having some recipes to start would really be appreciated. Thank you.

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This won’t be ready for a while. We have a lot of work on our plates right now. Sorry!