Configuring Temporalio to receive messages larger than 10 MB

Hello, I need some assistance. I’m trying to configure the Temporalio client to send a message larger than 10 MBs through the arguments (args). However, by default, the blobLimit only accepts messages up to 2 MBs. I have tried a few variations, but without success. I will provide some screenshots to demonstrate what I have done so far.

Changing default blob size limit (2m as you mentioned) via service dynamic config is not recommended.
Would consider writing this large data to an external blob store and passing the reference to it as workflow input.

Thank you for your comment. I have adjusted the blob size and it worked. Is it possible to also increase the maximum gRPC message size to accept values larger than 4MB?

Don’t think thats possible, there is a max limit on incoming message on service side set to 4mb (see here)

I have adjusted the blob size and it worked

Again this is really not something we recommend to do.
You could instead read this data from activity that could store it on activity worker file system or memory and then route all activities that need to process this data to same worker.

Here are samples for this approach for go, java, ts , python