Hello, I am receiving this connection problem from the web to the server

{ TchannelSocketError: tchannel socket error (ECONNREFUSED from connect): connect ECONNREFUSED myip:7934

My server is running correctly, registering domains but from the web I cannot connect. Replace the value of the environment variable

CADENCE_TCHANNEL_PEERS = workflow_server:7933,workflow_server:7934,workflow_server:7935,workflow_server:7939

I have also tried with a single value but it is the same error

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Hey Nicolas,

From the cadence-web code i think you want to pass the peers in a similar format:


Could you try passing explicit IP addressed instead of workflow_server to see if it works? Essentially to ensure that workflow_server is properly mapped to the intended IP address in your example

P.s i personally haven’t worked with tchanell, judging based on cadence-web’s code. We have switched to grpc instead of tchannel in Temporal

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Hello, thank you very much for answering. Apparently I had an error in my configuration of the BIND_ON_IP value on my server, I modified it and finally I was able to connect!