CPU Utilization with AWS RDS (MariaDB)

Hi team,

  • I deploy the Temporal application (3 replicas, use image temporalio/server:1.12.1), run in separate 3 AWS EC2 nodes as containers (orchestrated by Nomad).

  • The storage I use is AWS RDS (instance type: db.t3.small) and I used the default persistent configuration (max open/idle/lifetime connections)

  • When Temporal starts, I observe that:

  • CPU utilization of AWS RDS peaks to 100%

  • Using show processlist , there are ~ 60 rows having Command = ‘Sleep’

  • If I stop the Temporal application, all sleeping processes disappear, CPU utilization goes back to normal.

  • If I use the MySQL (GCP), there is no problem (CPU is ~ 5-10 %)

Has anyone face this issue before ? Is Temporal fully compatible with MariaDB or do we need to adjust any configuration to use it ?
Thanks a lot.