Deploying temporal with helm charts


I am trying to install the temporal server and all its dependencies using the helm charts. All the pods are getting deployed successfully, but the cassandra pod is going into crash loop back off.

Below is the error I was able to get from the logs -
The seed provider lists no seeds.

Below are the steps followed -

  1. frist clone the temporal repo to your local → git clone GitHub - temporalio/helm-charts: Temporal Helm charts
  2. go into the temporal helm repo → cd helm-charts/
  3. update the helm dependencies using the below command → helm dependencies update
  4. Now install the temporal and all its dependencies using the following command → helm install temporaltest . --namespace temporal

Can you please let us know why the cassandra pod goes into crash loop error and what is the resolution for the same?

Any help on these would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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I have the same issue