Elastic search documentation

I am looking for some documentation of elastic search api urls and query paramaters sample and how to add custom search attribute

I am currently working on redefining this experience. But today this is a two step process:

  1. Modify ES schema and add new indexed fields. You can simple add mapping to existing schema with:
    POST /temporal-visibility-dev/_mapping
    	"properties": {
    	  "Attr": {
    		"properties": {
    		  "YouFieldName": {
    			"type": "your-filed-type"
    or modify existing template and recreate the index similarly as we do during development.
  2. Add new attribute to dynamic config.
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Thanks @alex
Any reference documents on the usage on using these in client mode using java SDK. How do I update these from client code.

Seems like we have only go topic in our docs but Java should be very similar.

The documentation isn’t clear about this 2-step process for adding custom attributes, so I’m glad I found this post. :slight_smile:

We will fix it, I promise. I soon as new implementation will be there.