Embed Temporal UI into other Web Host

We introduced Temporal into our bussinuess system along with our administration web page.
Now I want to embed temporal UI into this admin page. What my requirement is:
temporal ui can configure a url prefix, then it is added to every temporal ui url, so temmporal ui requests would be distinced from those of our other apps.
for example:
the prefix is “temporal-ui”, then the url “/namespaces/default/workflows” becomes “temporal-ui/namespaces/default/workflows”
The urls with prefix “temporal-ui” would be identified and routed by nginx to the acutal temporal ui service.

Any solution for this requirement?

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I tried replacing the ‘src’ and ‘href’ paths in html files in a reverse proxy, but found that more paths appear in JS scripts. It is not an easy work in this way :frowning:

Would you mind opening feature request in the web ui repo and add your url rewrite requirements please? I don’t think this feature exists out of the box currently.

Sure. I’ve added this feature request:

as mentioned in the github issue this is supported ui-server/docker at main · temporalio/ui-server · GitHub

I observe that we pass the the docker build args to an env. variable VITE_PUBLIC_PATH. Does that mean I can achieve the same result by setting value of VITE_PUBLIC_PATH in docker compose or k8s config file?
If so we do not need to build new images.

I tried this but it did not work :frowning_face:
I wish we can make this happen, considering that building and managing images is a bit tedious, and it is not easy when we want to make the images work on different platforms .