Temporal UI server path

Hi community,
My team is able to host the temporal server with the UI path of the format :


however, we are trying to host the service on multiple fabrics with paths of the format :

We have added config for different fabrics call back paths



However, running into 404 not found.
Any help would be appreciated

start-72e674e4.js:1 Error: Not found: / fabricname1
at Ue (start-72e674e4.js:1:58184)
at fe (start-72e674e4.js:1:65426)
at ge (start-72e674e4.js:1:57531)
at Object.goto (start-72e674e4.js:1:66895)
at ur (start-72e674e4.js:1:71952)
at fabricname1:19:4

The temporal UI server version that we are using is