Temporal UI custom path


I was able to run temporalite experimental set up on local and able to access UI at http://localhost:8233.
But now when i am running the same set up in dev ,i wanted to configure UI end point to some custom path.
I dont see anyway i can do that right now using temporalite


Hi, I think you should use Temporal CLI which is the successor of Temporalite.

Once you have it installed try:

temporal server start-dev -h

and see OPTIONS, specifically:

--ui-ip value                                                  IPv4 address to bind the Web UI to. (default: same as --ip)
--ui-port value                                                Port for the Web UI. (default: --port + 1000, eg. 8233)

that might help.


I am deploying the service on GCP compute engines, so the host ip will be allocated dynamically.
We have a general dns name ( specific to env ) to call each service deployed . e.g. if a service x is deployed in dev we will call its end point with url – https://dev.xxx.com/custom-path.

The ‘custom-path’ above is defined as a context path of the app &. is also defined in istio as part of routing access.
Now if i run temporal , as per the doc, i should be able to access UI at https://dev.xxx.com/ . , which i cant access in GCP, due to no custom-path defined. So i wanted to understand how can i define that custom path for UI access .

Above you have mentioned --ui-ip value & it defaults to ip. I also don’t understand why i have to define ip or ui-ip ? Should i define ip to https://dev.xxx.com ?
Also dont understand how can i add custom path here, above will only bind to ip not path.



I was able to solve this issue . Thanks for your help.