How to connect to temporal server path from different cluster in Kubernetes

Hi @maxim @tihomir
I want to provide url target while creating the config bean
What will be the complete url of the server path?
let me know if this correct?


@tihomir I want to set the url in the below config.

    public WorkflowServiceStubs workflowServiceStubs() {
        String url  = " "; // set url here
        return WorkflowServiceStubs.newInstance(


Do your client apps run on the same k8s cluster? Do you expose external ip for frontend or the ingress that load balances your frontends? Sorry pretty hard to tell without understanding your service deployment.

You can text with tctl / cli for example:

tctl --address <frontendaddress:7233> cl h

@tihomir Our apps (Temporal and Java Spring Boot) runs in different K8s cluster.
We are trying to connect the java app with temporal. But facing this issue.

We want to decouple the app and temporal from having them in same cluster.

If we want to do so, what will be the correct url to connect from the app?

When both are in same cluster we can simply give temporal-frontend-headless:7233 in the config and it works.
But, the issue is coming from cross cluster connection, here we are not able to figure to correct url