Temporal Server Path for cross cluster connection in K8s

Hi @maxim and @tihomir
I want to connect to temporal server which is in different cluster.
I am getting this authentication exception while running the Java Spring boot App.

Caused by: io.grpc.netty.shaded.io.netty.handler.proxy.HttpProxyHandler$HttpProxyConnectException: http, none, SYSPROXY./ =>, status: 407 authenticationrequired

Pls let me know what server path should I provide to resolve this.
As you can see I provided “” as the URL

I checked the IP addresses of the temporal in the k8s pods
temporal-frontend- 1/1 Running 0 30d worker-scus-dev-a4-vmss000d9z
temporal-frontend- 1/1 Running 0 10d worker-scus-dev-a4-vmss000e5t

Do you use a proxy? Seems this is a proxy 407 (authentication) issue.