How to declare root path for the temporal-web server?

We are using the temporal-web docker container to have the UI for our workflows. The server stays inside the internal network and has the proxy to be visible outside. It is supposed to run not from the root domain, but from a folder, for example,

I cannot find settings to define the temporal webroot so it tends to take the domain as the root. Could you please give a piece of advice about what can we do about this?

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hey guntenbein! to be honest i’m not sure we have this feature - @ruslan will be able to tell you for sure.

i’ve filed a feature request in the meantime. if you feel comfortable with nodejs and koa, you may try editing this line to reflect your /temporal path. (i’m not sure it will fully solve the solution, but its probably a good start)

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Do you plan to run several apps(temporal web ui, other apps) under various subfolders of ?

My understanding is that you want a root server that would serve and it would forward the connection from a subfolder to the app you want (address:port). Some more data on this

Does this answer the question?

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Hi! Thanks! Not exactly. There is no problem with forwarding to the root of the Temporal UI. But the Temporal uses the root domain and it ignores the folder but tries to load everything (including the hyperlinks) from As a result, the UI does not work.

There is no env variable ROOT_FLODER that would simplify the setting a lot.

makes sense. Let’s follow in the opened github issue. As the feature is done i’ll add a note here to close this ticket

hey guntenbein! update, this feature is now merged and released: Make public path configurable via an environment variable by jeromefroe · Pull Request #203 · temporalio/web · GitHub

you can set TEMPORAL_WEB_ROOT_PATH now.

@ swyx Thanks a lot! We will check it out with the next occasion.

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