Getting error on ui: Unable to deserialize memo from data blob: unexpected EOF

I am able to run workflows, but when i check the submitted workflows on ui , i am getting the error:

Unable to deserialize memo from data blob: unexpected EOF.

Please help on the fix of the issue

Values in memo field do get serialized / deserialized using either the default or your custom data converters you set.
Looks like data converter is having issue deserializing memo value. Can you give more info on what you are setting it to and if you use default or custom data converters?

i am not setting anything ,it is default

can you tell me the tables that store workflow instance data, i will try purging the data and then try submitting new workflow

can you tell us the version (server and UI) you are using and the type of data you are storing as Memo, so we can try to reproduce the issue?

also, can you try running the following command to see if you get the memo values in command line? tctl workflow list -op --pme && tctl workflow list --pme, it will list open and closed workflows and the value of their memo

I think it is safer if your purge the data with tctl delete, it is available in tctl next.

if you are in tctl 1.17.1 you can move to tctl next with tctl config set version next ( and from tctl next move back to 1.7 with tctl config set version current)

Then you can delete workflows with tctl workflow delete --run-id $run_id --w $wid

Thanks, we resolved the issue by purging the blob value tables.

Thanks for ur prompt response.