Having issue updating schema for temporal_visibility database (using 1.20.3 temporal version)

here is the issue while updating the schema for temporal_visibility database, following this doc GitHub - temporalio/helm-charts: Temporal Helm charts
here is the error message 2023-08-09T22:15:40.424Z ERROR Unable to update SQL schema. {“error”: “error executing statement:Error 1060: Duplicate column name ‘search_attributes’”, “logging-call-at”: “handler.go:78”}
Please guide, i’m blocked.

@tihomir can you please guide what to do in this case? I can’t edit the advanced_visibility.sql with temporal user

Haven’t seen this before. Need to try to reproduce and get back to you asap.

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@tihomir Any update on this? Also having issues doing search with workflow id using temporal 1.20.3