Temporal-sql-tool update error error listing schema dir:open

Trying to execute the following command and got
error listing schema dir:open error. Am I missing some permission ?

SQL_DATABASE=temporal ./temporal-sql-tool update -schema-dir schema/mysql/v8/temporal/versioned
2024-06-06T12:52:11.459-0400 INFO UpdateSchemaTask started {“config”: {“DBName”:“”,“TargetVersion”:“”,“SchemaDir”:“schema/mysql/v8/temporal/versioned”,“SchemaName”:“”,“IsDryRun”:false}, “logging-call-at”: “updatetask.go:104”}
2024-06-06T12:52:11.482-0400 ERROR Unable to update SQL schema. {“error”: “error listing schema dir:open .: no such file or directory”, “logging-call-at”: “handler.go:78”}

We do have this MySQL instance created in Azure under windows virtual machine

Thank you