How rpServiceResolver works?

Hi all,

We are experiencing a strange issue. We have our temporal cluster deployed on AWS EKS. The frontend service has 4 nodes but in the log, we found in the discovery log

{“level”:“info”,“ts”:“2023-06-23T04:03:07.021Z”,“msg”:“Current reachable members”,“service”:“history”,“component”:“service-resolver”,“service”:“frontend”,“addresses”:[<6 nodes in total>],“logging-call-at”:“rpServiceResolver.go:266”}

It contains 6 nodes. And turned out to be 2 frontend nodes of another temporal cluster. Wonder how the service resolver determines reachable members?


Which version of Temporal server are you running? I believe that since Temporal Server 1.19, membership from distinct clusters should not combine. If you want to keep running older Temporal Servers, then you will need to use different membership ports for each Temporal cluster.

You can find more about this in this KB article.