Is there a tool to list and show archived workflows' history?

We have set up the archiving workflow on our K8S platform, but we are unable to view the information on the UI.

The UI listing must be limited to a maximum of 250 to ensure it loads properly.

We use GCP cloud storage, and we can see the archived workflows in our GCP bucket and view their event history. However, when we click on an archived workflow from the list, we receive a 404 error.

  1. We want to know why we are unable to view the data in the Temporal UI.

  2. Additionally, is there a console tool that we can use to list and query the archived workflows?

We have tried several temporal recommendations for the tctl command but have been unsuccessful in querying the list of archived workflows.

  1. Lastly, is it possible to reverse the order of the archived workflows to display the last 250 instead of the first ones in the list?

  2. We would like to know if we have made any configuration errors since the actual archiving is working properly.

@tihomir I noticed that you are knowledgeable about archival-related questions.

Can you help me out?

I am interested in contributing and exposing archived workflows to the Web UI.

In my opinion, the Web UI should have a DB table that stores basic information about the workflow, as well as the GCP/AWS storage URL to know how to pull the actual event history.

This way, users can search and paginate through the DB table and, when workflow detail is clicked, slow calls can be made to the cloud storage to unpack and show the history.

Do you know if this feature is already planned for implementation?