Archived workflows retrieval in Temporal UI

Hi team,

We have enabled archival of workflows and we are able to see the stored archived files for both history and visibility, but they are not visible in “Archive” tab in UI.

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In your dynamic config can you try setting
from default 10000 to a lower number, like maybe try 100 or 200 and go from there?
Have seen it where default (which is set too high) can cause some timeouts to happen and no results are shown.

Note that currently in UI pagination of archived workflows does not work well,
To bypass this, workaround could be to manually set your search window with by adding filters to query like for example here.

tried both setting dynamic config from 100 and also with the query example you shared, but its not working. any other workaround/solutions?

|Temporal Server Version |1.21.0|
|Temporal UI Version |2.16.2|