Is there any in-memory option for temporal server so that we can test it with embedded kafka and spring boot test?

I am creating a spring boot application using temporal as a workflow engine and kafka topics .
So in order to validate whole setup is working fine, I am writing integration test cases using spring boot test, embedded kafka, and temporal. But I am not getting any option or way to run in memory workflow engine .

Temporal provides a testing environment you could use. To add the depends here is how you would do it:




testImplementation group: 'io.temporal', name: 'temporal-testing', version: '1.0.9'

This will give you access to TestWorkflowEnvironment that you can use to test your workflows without having to have a Temporal Server running.

You can see the many tests in
GitHub - temporalio/samples-java: Temporal Java SDK samples and GitHub - temporalio/sdk-java: Temporal Java SDK on how to write unit tests using TestWorkflowEnvironment.

Hope this helps.

There is also information on this on our documentation site :

For debugging, make sure to read the “Debugging” section there on bottom of that page.