Issue with vite build

I am getting the following error when I try to build the UI code,

previously with ‘svelte-kit build’ it was working fine but ‘vite build’ is give this error,
Could you suggest soem fix for this?


I have tried to reproduce the error you are facing with the latest code of the UI (2.1.59), and with version 2.1.58, and I have not been able to reproduce it.

Have you tried deleting your node_modules folder and running pnpm install again?

Thank you for looking into it.
I got a little understanding of the error.
I am getting an error while installing the dependency “@sveltejs/kit”: “1.0.0-next.405”, mentioned in package.json due to requirement of higher node version.

So I was trying with “@sveltejs/kit”: “1.0.0-next.311” which was being used by temporal around a month ago.

I cannot upgrade the node version in my system,
Is it possible somehow to run the code with “@sveltejs/kit”: “1.0.0-next.311”?


I have reached out to the frontend team, you will have to test it by yourself. There might be some issues, but they should be easy to solve.