Failed to build ui-server image

I tried to build my own image of temporal ui for serving it under a sub path, following the direction here:
But met errors below:

Step 13/23 : RUN make install-utils install-ui build-ui build-server
 ---> Running in c26e3bd354e6
make: go: Operation not permitted
make: /bin/sh: Operation not permitted
make: *** [Makefile:80: install-utils] Error 127
The command '/bin/sh -c make install-utils install-ui build-ui build-server' returned a non-zero code: 2

Is anything missed?
PS: I built on main branch.

Hello @whitecrow

I just tried it from scratch (starting by cloning the repo) and worked for me. I am not why you are having this issue.

Do you see any other error messages?

I searched on Google, and found the suggestions below(Docker build failed for reason: "make: /bin/sh: Operation not permitted" · Issue #49 · Mellanox/k8s-rdma-shared-dev-plugin · GitHub):

  1. Upgrade docker to version 20.10.0 or later as per Alpine 3.14.0 Release Notes
  2. Or modify the image used for compile code from golang: alpine to golang: Alpine3.13 in the Dockerfile in your own development environment.

I do not know if ui-server depends on alpine and anyway I cannot change it, so it seems I should follow method 1.
I’ll have another try.

OK @whitecrow ,

let us know if it works

@antonio.perez Yes, it works.
But I still think we should make this " serve-ui-under-a-sub-path" feature directly configurable on deployment, instead of on packaging. It took me a week over to download various dependencies and solve this issue.
As far as I know, some projects like Grafana supports it. That would save users a lot of trouble on building and managing their own images, especially considering we need to support both AMD and ARM platforms.


We aim to make this as simple as possible for everyone. Please feel free to comment here Support url rewrite for embed mode · Issue #911 · temporalio/ui · GitHub, that will help the team to prioritize.

@antonio.perez This issue is submitted by me :sweat_smile:

I think we have had plenty of feedback under this issue of ui-server:Support serving UI under subpaths

14 people vote for it, and several give their comments.
But unfortunately, we still end up with an image rebuild.

I think that we are waiting for this Support serving UI under subpaths · Issue #576 · temporalio/ui · GitHub

Maybe @Ruslan can provide more information

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