Temporalio/web:1.15.0 on ARM

I deployed the auto-setup temporal on an arm64 server, and found temporal web broken.
The error is:

standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused "exec format error"

It should be a compatibility issue with ARM server.
I see we have a ARM support discussion previously:

But I don’t find the images on docker hub.
Where can I get the arm-based images?

Are you looking at temporalio/ui (v2 of web ui) or temporalio/web (v1 of web ui)?
My guess is v1 which yes only includes amd64. Note v1 is deprecated and won’t receive any more updates. Should move to v2.

v2 should have both amd and arm images: Docker Hub

You can see v2 setup in docker compose and also in our helm charts repos.
Hope this helps.

Thanks, I’ve replaced my temoral web with new temmporal ui.