Search Attributes Data is not reflecting in Elastic


We have Elasticsearch installed in a separate instance and connecting from Temporal with below properties. The data passed in search attributes its not reflecting in Elasticsearch.

Below are my parameters in values.yaml when connecting to Elasticsearch.


  1. Does the schema needs to be HTTPS instead of HTTP?
  2. Do I need to pass HTTPS:// when sending URL?? or Just XYZ.COM

Properties passed:

  enabled: false
  replicas: 3
    enabled: false
  imageTag: 7.10.1
  scheme: http
  port: 9243
  version: "v7"
  logLevel: "error"
  username: "ABC"
  password: "XYZ"
  visibilityIndex: "temporal_visibility_v1_dev"
  1. It can be either http or https depending on what your external Elasticsearch supports. Try https first if it doesn’t work, switch to http.
  2. It is just host name. in your case.

Also you need to set external: true to generate server configs properly:

Before checking Elasticsearch for the data, check server logs first and make sure there is no Elasticsearch related errors.