Securing Application Data with Java feedback

Thanks for the new Securing App Data course. I’m creating a topic here to capture feedback for early participants.

There is a minor instruction bug (in the course instructions. The README in the github repo appears correct.

Docs Bug

  • The instructions on setting up the Java environment refer to an incorrect exercise (durable execution) instead of to the appdatasec-java-code one.
  • Also, there are two solution components to compile and not just one

I filed a Github issue, but not sure that was the correct place to capture this.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m taking a look at it on GitHub and will communicate changes through there. Glad you are enjoying the course!

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Minor typo here.

@mmegger do you prefer git issues for these? I’ll batch 'em up as able.

Ya let’s go with Git Issues and just batch them up. Thanks!

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