SQL Server support with Java

I am working with potential big client/user to have huge numbers of transaction workflow.

I would like to ask if temporal can run/support with MS SQL server? I know currently, it’s not a supported database but love to learn feedback from the community if anyone has tried running against SQL server? why its not claimed to run any relational database vs just MySQL or Postgres.

I appreciate community and product Leadership feedback and guidance on how to move forward on running temporal using SQL server as a database?

There was some community work mentioned in this post but seems there wasn’t progress made on it in quite some time.

Well, it runs with quite an old temporal version (1.7) in a single instance installation with low transactional load. However, I didn’t have time to update it to a newer version and I‘m seeing sporadic sql deadlock victim errors in history which needs to be addressed, too.

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thank you - any plan to update for the latest version of temporal?