Temporal server and PostgreSQL v13.4

I’m working on a PoC with temporal in the blockchain field. We’re using PostgreSQL v13.4 in our company. As I read in temporal docs, it supports PostgreSQL v9.6. I ran the temporal server with PostgreSQL v13.4, and it works, but I’m not sure that it’s safe to use it with PostgreSQL v13.4.

Is it safe to use the temporal server with PostgreSQL v13.4? Because I didn’t see v9.6+ in the docs.

Hey @Hamed_Yousefi,
We test with the minimum version of any supported persistence as part of our release infrastructure. It is not feasible for us to test Temporal with every version of PostgreSQL. Currently PostgresSQL v9.6 is the minimum which is supported and actively tested through release pipelines before cutting release for Temporal. Provided PostgresSQL does not breaks compatibility between release v9.6 and v13.4 is should OK to run Temporal on it.

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We now officially support PostgreSQL versions 10–13 (and 9.6 until EOL). Details here: Temporal Server versions and dependencies | Temporal Documentation

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