Tctl batch terminate stuck

I started a batch job using tctl batch start. The job should terminate a workflow with a specific workflowId, just for testing before doing a much bigger batch. But the job just sits idle running.

Is that batch job id in your second line one you got from some other command?
Asking because on fist line you say No on confirm

What do you get when you try to terminate this job:
tctl batch terminate --job_id=<jobid>

Was your workflow terminated?
tctl wf desc -w <workflowid>

  1. The batch job was created. I just showed how I created it and pressed No to avoid another one.
  2. It was not terminated I terminated it by myself later and closed the batch job.

Another example:

tctl wf desc -w :

Does this happen only for that particular workflow exec or for any?

Can you in your web-ui go to the temporal-system namespace and see if there are any failed temporal-sys-batch-workflow workflows?

Tagging @Ruslan as well :slight_smile:

aah look like a connection issue

we deployed temporal in a zero trust network so its that.

what temporal service talk to eachother in this scenario ?

ahh you answered me in slack, thanks alot!

It seems your worker service is unable to talk to frontend. It could be network related, but also also config related.

Its network related, we only gave as little access as possible

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