Batch Execute Error: Elastic Erro 403

I’m trying to execute temporal batch with –batch_type terminate
Below is my command:

sudo docker exec -it temporal-server-new tctl --namespace my-namespace batch start --q "WorkflowType = 'SomeType' AND Status = 'Running' AND LastUpdatedDate < '2023-10-01'" --batch_type terminate  --reason "Terminate Unused Workflow"

The batch successfully started, however the there was no workflow terminated. When I check the batch process using tctl batch describe --job_id some-job-id, it says that the job is running but no progress with detail as follow:

When I tried to terminate the batch execution, the batch job is successfully terminated.

When I checked to the temporal-system and navigate to Workflow where the batch job is started (using Job ID as Workflow ID), I notice this error:
Unavailable: Unable to close point in time: elastic: Error 403 (Forbidden)

Please kindly help.