Temporal - UI 2.x - The clipboard icons on the grid are pointing to a previous search result

When the user changes, for example, from a namespace’s workflow list to another namespace, the icons on the list are pointing to the previous list.


  • Enter to Temporal UI workflow list

  • Clic on the namespaces icon

  • Select another namespace.

  • Clic on the Workflows icon.

  • Clic on any Clipboard icon and paste the content in another place to see the value.


  • The value is from the previous namespace’s list, instead of the current.
  • This can be verified leaving the mouse pointer over de icon, and verifying the status bar of the browser

Expected Result:

  • All the values have to be coherent with the current information.

Thanks for report this! Got confirmation from UI team that they are working on a fix and most likely will be included in next release.