Temporal UI Archival Tab Glitches

After searching for the workflow in archival tab,

I see a couple of problems

  1. In the results of the search, for the workflows, the status column is empty
  2. When I click on the Run ID to open the workflow data
    I see 2 error messages and the summary tab is blank
  • workflowExecution Row not found

  • cannot read property pendingActivities


  1. Is this a problem at my end or something with Temporal ?

Are you looking at this right after the workflow completes execution? It sounds like this is due to visibility archival running right after wf completes, and history archival triggers on closed wf retention period.

If this happens after the retention period, when all archived data should be available, then sounds like something we need to open issue for. Let me know if that’s the case.

I’m trying after a day when both history and visibility data are archived.

Thanks. Are you able to get the wf history via ListArchivedWorkflowExecutionsRequest? Get the executions from response, and then can for example use temporal-java-workshop/S1WFUtils.java at main · tsurdilo/temporal-java-workshop · GitHub to print the history

I think this is expected as archived workflows were completed so there would be no pending activities.
For workflow execution info missing, that seems a problem indeed.

Well I missed to say the history tab does show the workflow execution history.

I’m able to fetch the archived workflow execution history programmatically as well with ListArchivedWorkflowExecutions.

I can confirm that the execution history was fetched from S3 itself as after deleting the execution history object from S3, the ListArchivedWorkflowExecutions stopped returning results.

The history tab exhibits weird behaviour as well,

It shows execution history not found message, but execution history is visible in the UI.
But right after that, it reloads 2 times and then I see duplicate execution history.

ex: if there are 11 events. I see 3 sets of these 11 events.

If you can confirm that this has been tested and is working at your end, I can start looking at any possible issues at my end.

If you can confirm that this has been tested and is working at your end, I can start looking at any possible issues at my end

Archival tab was not extensively tested and very possible to behave with issues. In UI v1 it was considered experimental and not a focus. Currently our focus is on releasing the beta of UI v2 GitHub - temporalio/ui: The next-generation UI for Temporal. , v1 is in maintenance

Thanks Ruslan,

Do we have timelines for prod release of v2 ?

no timeline for prod release, mvp release may happen in few weeks

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any updates on releasing the beta of UI v2?

There is a docker-compose file that includes it here. Its currently on latest 0.5.0 image. This would allow you to start playing with it and report issues. Our team is working hard to fix all issues and bugs.
Don’t think there is still an official beta/prod release date but will update here when it becomes available.