Temporal UI is not displaying Child workflows Retries inside parent Workflow page

Hi Temporal community,

Quick question, I have a main workflow called Payments and a child workflow called Attempts. The Payments workflow calls the attempts workflow whenever the system is ready to make an attempt with one of the payment providers. If the attempt fails, the Attempts workflow will be retried up to 3 times and it might use a different payment provider in each try.

Currently, in the Temporal UI, when looking at the Payments workflow, I am only seeing the last successful or failed child workflow. However, I am unable to see the all the attempts (successful and failed) in the Payments workflow.

To clarify, I can see all the attempts executions in the page where all the workflows are displayed, I am just asking if there is a way to see all the attempts (successful and failed) inside the Payments workflow.

So I was wondering wether or not there is a way to see all the child workflows retries in the parent Payments workflow?

This is how the child workflow is called:

 $childWorkflow = Temporal::newChildWorkflow()


Hey Team,

It doesn’t seem to be possible to show the full child workflow attempt history in the Temporal UI. However, it is possible to visualise it if you manually create the attempts yourself and create new workflows in each iteration.

For example:

$i = 0;
            do {
                $childWorkflow = Temporal::newChildWorkflow()
            } while ($i < $maxAttemptRetries && $childWorkflow->isSuccessful() === false);

Does anyone know if there is a retry option that will retry the child workflow as a new workflow with a new workflow ID?


Currently, UI doesn’t support showing what you asked for. We are considering adding this in the future.

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