Better view of child workflow in the temporal UI

I have a workflow that create nested workflows and those nested workflow can create nested workflow as well. When I go to temporal UI to see the workflow, it’s kind of a pain to follow the whole workflow.
Let’s say, i have the follow format

Workflow1 -> workflow1:childWorkflowA -> workflow1:childWorkflowA: childworkFlowD

For example, in the above is the history of workflow1. When i look at it, it shows the child workflow Id and run ID. However, only the runID is clickable. When you click it thou, if the task has already complete it brings you to an empty screen.

In this case, I need to open the list of completed items and search for either the workflowId or the runID to be able to trace it.

The request is the following

  1. Bare min, allow the ability to click on the the run ID and it actually takes you to the corresponding workflow/run instance to avoid all the additional clicks to even following the whole execution path. Even if the task is not running. I think right now the default link takes you to only open task.
  2. It would be nice if the Ui was able to aggregate the child workflows into one giant view and capture the execution time and how long every step took. Right now user have to do some work to get that type of data.

Thanks for the question and suggestions!

On #1: i opened a ticket to resolve it

On #2: we are planning to significantly improve and keep improving the UX of WebUI, however no concrete dates as of now. I will take your input on having a view that aggregates child workflows as a possible priority and discuss it with my team whether we should implement it among the first items :+1: