Web UI only shows most recent run history, cannot view history of old runs

I have a self-hosted temporal server with a workflow that takes 1 minute and runs every night. I use the same workflow id for each execution, because there should never be any overlap between workflow runs. I can see that each run is assigned a unique, random run id. This is working correctly.

In the Web UI, I can see a row for each run of the workflow, with the same workflow id and a different run id. However, when I select a old run (using the link in the Run ID column), it always shows me the history of the most recent run.

The page url is in the format “workflows/workflowId/oldRunId/history”, so i would expect to see the history of the old run, but all the information on the page is for the most recent run.

What am I missing?

FYI I have filed an bug report issue with screenshots for this in the Temporal UI Github repo.