Temporal web v1.15.0 not showing running workflows after pulling latest code from main branch of repo: https://github.com/temporalio/docker-compose

Hi Temporal Team,

Temporal web v1.15.0 not showing running workflows after pulling latest code from main branch of repo: GitHub - temporalio/docker-compose: Temporal docker-compose files

I just git pull latest code from main branch of this repo.

But Now my running workflows are not showing up in temporal web, see below screenshot for reference:

No running workflows showing in old UI:

Also no running workflows showing in new UI as well:

Whereas Archival is showing up Completed workflows:

I have several running workflows in temporal but none of them is showing up in temporal web.
Please help resolve the issue.


Hi @shubham

can you see your running workflows when you query them through the command line?

tctl workflow l --query "ExecutionStatus=\"Running\""

Hi @antonio.perez

Not showing in tctl as well see below:

It’s resolved now looks like I was port forwarding to connect elasticsearch and postgres from local as shown below:


Once I removed the forwards did docker compose up, it recreated the images. Then again forwarded ports did docker compose up it again recreated images.

After that I recreated my existing Running workflows and now they are showing UI and command line both.
See screen from web UI.

But still the workflows which are not Recreated and still Running, they are not visible yet, probably will need recreate all workflows.

Do you mean workflows that were running before you updated the docker images for the first time?

correct all the workflows which are running before I upgrade via git pull.
They are still running in temporal but not visible on web ui, only after recreating those workflows they are showing up.

Hi, Another exmaple that confirms that there’s some issue see below one of the Running workflow is not showing up in temporal web and tctl:

$ docker exec temporal-admin-tools tctl --ns shusins workflow l --workflow_id shusik214-webmethodsioint-lifecycle

But when in tctl show command is run that workflow shows up:

$ docker exec temporal-admin-tools tctl --ns shusins workflow show --workflow_id shusik214-webmethodsioint-lifecycle --eid 36
{EventId:36, EventTime:2022-09-05 12:27:50.2062893 +0000 UTC, EventType:TimerStarted, Version:0, TaskId:17827272, Attributes:{TimerStartedEventAttributes:{TimerId:854bac0e-16e9-33fe-8e9a-1a8a98b33c2b, StartToFireTimeout:168659h32m9.84s, WorkflowTaskCompletedEventId:35}}}

Below are the temporal images I am running in docker locally:


Please share your docker compose so can try to reproduce.
My guess is ES container issues (ES needs a lot of memory, try upping jvm options here)

You can also change your config and use postgres as visibility store (so don’t configure enhanced vis) and test if you see same issue.

The only change in docker compose I have is shown above where I just port forward to connect ES running in Docker from my local and similarly port forward to connect Postgres running in Docker from local. That’s all.
Docker compose should not be the issue here.

My hunch is that this particular workflow is a long running workflow and is Running since 1 Dec 2021.
Now during that time I guess I was having temporal version 1.13.1 or might be an earlier version installed in my local.

Since then I have upgraded my temporal server 2 times with more upgraded version.

But after latest upgrade to 1.17.5 realized that my old long Running workflow is not showing up.

Even my very recent workflows I mean just before the upgrade probably the workflows running on version 1.17.1 are also not showing up in temporal web or tctl.

Hi Team,
We could close this issue I tried to reproduce this issue in my colleague’s system.
He didn’t face this issue and we checked by deploying last 2-3 versions of temporal images. It was working in all versions and all RUNNING workflows were showing.
Looks like it was only in my local.

Thanks for the help everyone.


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