[Time skipping test] How to interpret -- network error... InvalidArgument, message: "Missing TaskQueue."

I developing test cases using Python time skipping workflow environment. I get the following warning followed by RPC timeout error. What is the meaning of this warn and rpc timeout error?

2023-01-25T03:52:06.682304Z  WARN temporal_sdk_core::worker::workflow: 
Network error while completing workflow activation 
error=status: InvalidArgument, 
message: "Missing TaskQueue.", details: [], 
metadata: MetadataMap { headers: {"content-type": "application/grpc"} }


self = <temporalio.service._BridgeServiceClient object at 0x10c9b17c0>
rpc = 'unlock_time_skipping_with_sleep', req = duration {
  seconds: 5400
       except temporalio.bridge.client.RPCError as err:
            # Intentionally swallowing the cause instead of using "from"
            status, message, details = err.args
>           raise RPCError(message, RPCStatusCode(status), details)
E           temporalio.service.RPCError: Timeout expired

.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/temporalio/service.py:738: RPCError

That warning seems to indicate a failure starting a workflow with no task queue. That error is like your other post here in the forum of a RPC timeout.

Are you running the test server with multiple workflows concurrently? Also, can you provide a standalone replication of the warning and/or the error?

Thanks for the reply.
It is a single test case but there is master workflow starting child workflows. both sleep for different duration. once I time skip using env sleep, this error shows up. I will try to get a simpler test case.

Hello Chad,
I have created another thread for the same discussion.

We can continue discussion there and I have provided a standalone code to reproduce the situation.