TraceContext Propogation in temporal

@maxim ,
We need distributed tracing between our Micro-services and temporal. From the docs, Identified following steps. Need to know how to propogate traceContext between http/java based microservices application. (Say from a Microservice to Temporal / Temporal to Other Back end Microservice). Could not find clear steps on the same.

  1. Configure or enable Opentracing in temporal with below.
  2. Register the tracer with below code.

@tihomir , Would you be able to help ? I followed the documentation to configure the otel stanza to export to OTEL collector. But I could not see any traces being exported. Is there any other configurations to be done and how do we verify if the trace data is exported in otlp format ?

- kind:
signal: traces
model: otlp
protocol: http
insecure: true
endpoint: http://my-otel-collector-endpoint