Typescript 101 - where is the exercises directory?

On the 4th section it talks about working on hellow-workflow in the exercises project. When I look at the top level folder I do not see an exercises (or solutions) folder for that matter. I have went through the entire 101 again to see if there’s a step for downloading this from github or something and I see no steps. I have searched on github for this and no luck. Furthermore, the example talks about both hello-world and hello-workflow and I’m assuming it’s the same project, but it’s further confusing to me. I feel kind of stupid, because surely I can’t be the only 101 person that has missed something on this. Thanks.

Hi Travis,

The exercises directory is a top-level directory within the GitHub repository containing the exercises for this course. The top-level README.md includes a table that links directly to the subdirectory corresponding to the exercise (below which you’ll find the practice and solution directories for the exercises that involve writing code). I’ve included an annotated screenshot here to illustrate what I mean.

Most of our learners opt to use the browser-based exercise environment, which is described on the Exercise Environment Orientation page in the first chapter of the course. You can access that by clicking the “launch the exercise environment” link on that page, which I’ve highlighted here:

When you click that, it will take a minute or so to initialize (and you’ll likely have to authenticate with GitHub and possibly complete a captcha if doing it for the first time. Once the environment has launched, you’ll see an IDE inside of your browser. The files and directories in the GitHub repo are shown on the left (I’ve highlighted and expanded one of the exercise directories here to show you the practice and solution directories within it). You’ll also see the top-level README from the repository in the main window. Clicking one of the links (e.g., “Exercise 1”) will open a README with step-by-step instructions for that exercise.

Hope that helps to clear things up. I hope you enjoy the course.

—Tom Wheeler

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