Unable to port-forward to temporal pod deployed in the k8s cluster

in the k8s cluster i’ve a running pod which is temporal service (1 instance) everything configured and connected properly (postgres, web-ui ) even runned a hello world example just to confirm everything is correct and all worked.
But im unable to port-forward directly to pod and run with tctl the commands.

> kubectl port-forward temporal-7469d47869-wxq6z 7233:7233
Forwarding from -> 7233
Forwarding from [::1]:7233 -> 7233
Handling connection for 7233
E0706 10:08:02.297540   72508 portforward.go:400] an error occurred forwarding 7233 -> 7233: error forwarding port 7233 to pod ....., uid : exit status 1: 2021/07/06 08:08:02 socat[27669] E connect(5, AF=2, 16): Connection refused
tctl cluster health
Error: Unable to get "temporal.api.workflowservice.v1.WorkflowService" health check status.
Error Details: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = connection closed
('export TEMPORAL_CLI_SHOW_STACKS=1' to see stack traces)

What do i need to configure to allow it to accept connections?
Where should i bind the server ?

Thank you for your time.