Upgrading Temporal Server With Docker Version Restriction

My current version of Temporal server : v1.9.2

The version I want to upgrade to: v1.19.1

My production docker version under k8s: 18.9.9

Accordinig the v1.16.0 release specification of temporal server, I will get stuck when I upgrade the server to 1.17.x.

This version (1.16) will be the last version that we build our images based on Alpine 3.13. In the next release (1.17), we are going to upgrade our base image to use Alpine 3.15, which may not be able to run on docker versions lower than 20.10.0.

But the release specification of 1.17.x doesn’t mention it.
So, my question is:

  1. Will I get a stuck when upgrading server to 1.17.x or 1.19.x without upgrading my docker version?
  2. If the answer of 1 is true, what problems will I encounter in that situation?

Hi, would need to test this out (am running docker engine 20.10.21 and did not encounter issues with versions 1.17x->1.19.1 so far). My guess would be that yes for 1.17.x you would need to look into upgrading the docker engine due to faccessat2 and Alpine compatibilities mentioned here.

@tihomir Thanks for your reply.
I test the latest server version 1.19.1 on docker 18.9.9, the server worked fine…
I want to know what version of Alpine the latest server image base on.

Temporal updates Alpine to latest version before releasing new version of server images. So would look at the specific release date here and then compare with latest Alpine version at the time of the release.

Just to answer your question, latest Temporal server 1.19.1 release is based on Alpine 3.16.2.

Thank you. I see.