Web UI with Elasticsearch No history and Stacktrace

@tihomir @Ruslan would you like to have a debug session?

@tihomir @Ruslan Please let me know if this option is possible.

we typically don’t do zoom sessions, but feel free to dm me some possible dates and times in next week you have open and let’s see if we can make it happen.

I DMed you can you please check your inbox

As discussed on a call session and after some investigation:

GetWorkflowExecutionHistory may return rawHistory instead of the history.events in the response. This is controlled by a Temporal dynamic config setting frontend.sendRawWorkflowHistory. Disabling this should get you unblocked on the UI side

We’ll also look into supporting raw history on the UI

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filed an issue here for tracking Support raw histories in the UI · Issue #504 · temporalio/ui · GitHub

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