What is needed is to show the Workflow Timeline


I have a full-blown docker compose, in which worklfows also have a visualized timeline.
For a POC im working on a k8s setup without elastic and prometheus.
(the depended Charts dont comply with company policy)

Now i notice that i dont have the Visualized Timeline for a workflow in the GUI.
Which is great for demonstration inside the company.
What is needed to enable this?


Managed to get elastic working in the namespace with the following commans fromt he admin-pod

curl -X PUT --fail --user temporal:<password> http://elasticsearch:9200/temporal_visibility_v1_dev 2>&1
curl -X PUT --fail --user temporal:<password> http://elasticsearch:9200/_template/temporal_visibility_v1_template -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data-binary "@schema/elasticsearch/visibility/index_template_v7.json"

All pods are green and happy again (frontend/matcher/history/worker)

but still no TimelineVisualization on new workflows.
I really like this to work for the internal company demo.
Any help/pointers?